2 Tin Bean Cans F*#king by Johnny J. Segura 3rd

Comic: 2 Tin Bean Cans F*#king - Part 1: The Magical Fruit
Release date: 2014
Writer: J.K. and Johnny J. Segura 3rd
Artist/lettering: Johnny J. Segura 3rd
Cover: full color
Rating: 18+
Interior: grey scaled with colored highlights
Synopsis: A tale of genetically altered bean cans seeking revenge against their creator. A tale filled with suspense, violence and tin titties.

The Deal

Saw this on Kickstarter and it seemed weird and sexy. So I guess I just had no other choice than to back the project. I fell into it at the second issue, but they gave backers the opportunity to get the first one together with the second so that's what I did. My copy is signed by both author and artist. 

The Feel

The comic is made of high quality matte paper, slightly higher than regular comic size. Colors are perfect and I couldn't feel any flaws on the pages. The issue is stitched together with two saddle stitches. The cover is printed on slightly glossy paper and about the same thickness as the interior pages. Some of the interior pages have been cut slightly off center, to either the left or right, making a couple of the pages white borders either very  thin or thick. Not a major problem and certainly not anything to decide not to buy the issue for. 

The Story

This issue is the first part of a four part story so can't judge the story as a whole. As a starter issue it's a crazy ride getting introduced to all the main characters. Some will be axed in this very issue, see if you can guess which ones will die. The writing looks effortless, I luckily don't mind a bit of swearing, but there's a lot in this issue sometimes where it's not necessary, but it's all in good spirit and this first issue is a lot of fun. Definitely not for the under eighteen. The names are well thought of, it reminds me of the Australian comedy series called 'Let the blood run free' where the main character was called 'Matron Dorothy Conniving B*tch' and don't even get me started on the other ones.  I like writers who don't take themselves too serious and aren't afraid to kill off a couple of characters. This issue ends in a cliffhanger, and it's made me look forward to the next one.

The Look

I thought this would be a tough issue in relation to the drawings, but it's much better than I had expected when I got in on the Kickstarter. The artwork is great, I couldn't find any weird angles in the anatomy and I really think that's the sign of a great artist if you can make limbs and draw a face on a normally inanimate object and make it look natural. The line work is beautiful, the sparse use of bright color makes every page special. All the violence and movement in the figures can't be easy but Johnny makes it look easy.  Well done.

The Conclusion

Overall I'm happy with how the issue turned out. The story may need some nudges, but the art is very nice. There are a lot of full page drawings that are nicely detailed and the sparse use of color makes it perfect. It really fits the story and the cans to each have their own color. All over I expect them to get better/for more things to get explained so I'm still up for the next issue. Good thing that I already have it in my possession. 

How to get a copy?

Good question. I got mine trough Kickstarter and tried to find a link on the internet but couldn't so I'm just going to post the links to the personal Tumblr page of Johnny J. Segura III. It can be found here. If you know where to get it just let me know and I'll post it here.
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