Exocomics 300 by Li & Jordan

Comic: Exocomics 300
Release date: 2014
Writer: Li & Jordan
Artist: Li
Cover: full-color
Interior: 24 full color pages (16,5 cm x 23,5 cm) on silk stock paper, saddle stitched
Genre: Adventure comic
Synopsis:  300th extra long, full color episode of the web-comic 'Exocomics' Printed separately from their main line because this was drawn on A4 paper against all the other stories being on square paper. It made more sense to print this landmark issue separately. 

The Deal

Exocomics is short for Extra Ordinary Comics, a web-comic based on the lives of Li, Jordan and their cat Shoelace while they live in New Zealand. They kickstarted the printing of their books with web comics #1-100, #101-200, #201-299 and this special edition #300 episode. I'm just going to talk about the 300 comic which I got through their Kickstarter campaign.

The Feel

The paper feels silky and soft. The front cover has the title silver foil stamped on it. The interior and the cover paper are all the same weight of what looks like partially recycled paper. The colors are soft and match each other perfectly. The books are held together with two saddle stitches.

The Story

The story itself is completely wordless, and it's nice to see that my son (7yo) keeps thinking of new stories with the same pictures. The story is therefore open to some interpretation which is very nice. I now look at it completely different than I did the first time I read it because of the stories my son made up with it. I don't want to give too much away about the story because it should remain open to slight interpretations. Let's just say that Li and Shoelace embark on an adventure that takes them places they'd never thought they'd see.
To understand the story you don't have to know any background about any of the characters, it's pretty much a self-contained, one-shot issue. 

The Look

The drawings are magical and have a fairy tale feel to them. I can imagine Li drawing for old Disney stories like Bambi. The people and animals have simple lines and aren't cluttered with unnecessary details. The backgrounds are stunningly open and wide, with great perspective, you can almost see for miles. Colors are soft, but chosen well and fit together brilliantly. 

The Conclusion

It's an all age comic book and you'll love it most if you like happy/fairy tale like stories, or if you like to read with your child who has a great imagination (or if you have while reading it to your child) then you will love this issue. It's soft and cuddly in a romantic way. If you're not sure then have a look on their website where you can read most of Li, Jordan and Shoelaces  adventures before you decide to buy them. 

How to get a copy?

You can order a copy through their website store at Exocomics where you also find all their past web-comics. At this time they're already at issue #346 so I can see another Kickstarter in their not so distant future. 

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