Unit 44, Part 1 of 4 by Wes Locher and Eduardo Jiménez

Comic: Unit 44, Part 1 of 4
Release date: 25 March 2015
Writer: Wes Locher
Artist: Eduardo Jiménez
Publisher: Alterna
Cover: full-color
Interior: full-color
Synopsis: Inept Area 51 employees forget to pay the rent on the facility's off-site storage unit, leaving the secret contents to be sold to a pair of backwoods rednecks at public auction.

The Deal

I found a digital gift in my mailbox, sent to me by Wes Locher, for the purpose of doing a review. As soon as I saw the art I knew I wouldn't be able to resist this comic, especially after reading the synopsis. I'll have to drop my 'The Feel' section for this review because this comic is 100% digital. Don't worry though, there's plenty left to talk about. Here's the review for part 1 of 4.

The Story

We've all seen the reality TV shows where people find treasures in abandoned storage lockers. Combining this with what ever is happening in Area 51 is a stroke of genius. The characters are well defined and their introduction is skillfully done within the first panels. There's Agent Gibson, the not that clever agent who forgot his monthly payment for the storage unit. He's partnered up with Agent Hatch, the stickler for rules, bad-ass muscled agent. They're on the hunt for two rednecks who bought the content of the storage locker. Hilarity ensues when their boss, Agent Ballard, threatens to kill their close family if they don't get back the contents of the storage locker. The well written story by Locher hit my funny-bone head on.

The Look

The manga-influenced cartoon like artwork doesn't take itself too seriously and this fits the story arc perfectly. It's a true collaboration between the writing and the artwork. Jiménez' wonderful way of making the facial expressions come to life deserves a special mention. Some of them just make the whole panel. Be especially vigilant when you see a crowd of people in one panel as there usually is a whole story being told right there and some of the faces are hilarious. The coloring for the Area 51 characters is, as you might expect, mostly dark/black and the other art is done with very soft colors.

The Conclusion

This first issue is surrealistically funny. Of course it's all fiction, but if there were actually stupid agents out there I'd want them to be just like these two characters. If they existed the world would be in for some fun indeed. All characters are easily recognizable and you'll know them instantly for who and what they are. This saves time and allows you to dive right into the story line. I had great fun reading this first issue and can't wait for the other three parts to be released in April-June 2015. 

How to get a copy

You can get a digital copy from Comixology for just 1,99 US$. If you're still unsure if this is the right comic for you then read the first five pages for free right here. Or you can get the whole story in one comfortable TPB at the Amazon USA website.
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