Bastard Son: Murderborn, issue 1 by Frank T. Allen and Marco Fontanili

Comic: Bastard Son: Murderborn, issue 1
Release date: Soon
Writer: Frank T. Allen
Artist: Marco Fontanili
Letterer: Taylor Esposito

Cover: Full-color
Interior: Full-color
Synopsis: There is something very wrong with Ethan Welles. 
As a child, Ethan would wake every night to the sound of his own screams. Through terrified tears the boy would tell his mother of a monstrous figure that pursued him through endless dark corridors, whispering awful things in an inhuman voice. Eventually, to preserve the boy's sanity, professional help was sought. 
Now a grown man, Ethan thought the nightmares from his childhood to be a thing of the past. He thought the terror banished by years of therapy and anti-psychotics. 
He was wrong. The nightmares came back. He came back. 
The darkness inside Ethan won't stop until it claims him and it isn't alone. 
There are others. 

The Deal

I received an e-mail with a link to the finished first chapter/issue of Bastard Son: Murderborn. The link led me to Issuu where I read the comic. The co-creator of Bastard Son, writer Frank T. Allen, started a Kickstarter project at the end of 2015. However Christmas isn't the best time to have a project on Kickstarter because it failed. Now the creators are on the verge of starting a new Kickstarter and I hope they succeed. Unfortunately I wasn't available for a review then but now my schedule is clear and honestly, who can resist a proper horror comic?

The Feel

I'll hopefully be able to tell you more about the print quality once the new Kickstarter finishes, but for now there's nothing to touch, or lick for those so inclined. 

The Story

This first of the five total chapters serves as an introductory tale of Ethan, his family and the thing that has haunted his dreams ever since he was young. The beginning of a horror tale with snippets of things to come. The first impressions of Ethan and his family are good. You get a quick sense of who everyone is as a character and you can quickly get on with the story. The ever present feeling of despair and fright in Ethan is never far off. The digital version of the comic is a full 23 pages long, which does not include a splash or back page, just one story from the inside cover page to the last. 

The Look

Fontanili made a clear distinction between present day, the past, dreamworld and the dark devil worshippers environment. His use of color is fantastic, bright where life is good and dark where it needs to be. The line-art is crisp and clean. Shading is spot-on and Fontanili is able to support Allen's story with great art. Whether you're looking at the faces, background images or the colors, everything blends in perfect harmony. I like the subtle use of Photoshop brushes and textures on some of the clothes and backgrounds. The only thing I was a little disappointed by are the large eyeballs as featured on page three as I would have preferred these to be a bit more realistic. It feels a little out of touch with the rest of the art, which is fantastic. That being said I don't think a couple of eyeballs should deter you from purchasing this good start. 

The Conclusion

This is definitely not a comic for the younger crowd as there are many gory and scary details. If you're older than sixteen or seventeen and you love horror, well then you really can't go wrong with this comic horror series. I was left with a feeling of wanting more. Perhaps even needing more. I love a good slasher movie and this feels right up my alley. My gut says we haven't even gotten to the good part yet. After reading this first issue I am so ready for the next installments, which will hopefully include more blood, guts and gore. Bring it on! 

How to Get a Copy

Curious about Bastard Son? Want to read the prequel to the story and be dazzled by some amazing artwork? Please check out the Bastard Son Trailer  issue on Issuu. More information can be found on the Bastard Son website. A new Kickstarter campaign for the first chapter is about to kick off. You'll find the link here later when the Kickstarter goes live.  You can also get your hands on some of Fontanili's artwork.
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