Space Babe 113 The Knights of Mars Episode Two: Cos by John Maybury

Comic: Space Babe 113 The Knights of Mars Episode Two: Cos
Release date: September 2013
Writer and artist: John Maybury 
Rating: 18+ (adult humor)
Cover: full-color
Interior: full-color
Synopsis: Arriving at Syrtis Major, Space Babe is annoyed to discover that Thora Doris, Dr. Stones new Martian archaeology, assistant is even more curvy than she is...

The Deal

As with episode one I got this comic from the Orbital Comics store in London while I was there on vacation earlier this year. I bought such a load of comics (my suitcase went from 9kg on the way over to London to 20kg on the way home) that it's only now that I have time to read this. Shame I got to them so late because they're really good.

The Feel

A DVD booklet sized comic with a fold-out cover and brightly colored. The feel is the same as the first issue, obviously made by the same printer. Credits are on the outside part of the fold-out cover and the first story panes start just underneath those credits and they run all the way to the inside of the back cover. No page is wasted. The comic is made of shiny stock paper with a significantly thicker cover and two evenly placed saddle stitches holding everything together. I love the feel of the comic, it feels so smooth in your hands. Where you'd expect to find ink lines there are none. It's a very good printing job.    

The Story

Still on the prowl for her Doctor Stones, Space Babe finally arrives on Mars and she meets his lovely curvy assistant. 
The story seamlessly takes over from the first issue in this trilogy series. The story continues on a light note and it made me smile at several points in the story starting with the very first line and ending with the game (you'll see it when you get there, dead sexy she is). The story ends in a cliffhanger which makes me long for the conclusion story even more. It may all not be high end literature but I really like the way the comic makes me feel and the journey we take into Space Babes life. I really like the Space Babe character, she's freed herself from all sexual inhibitions. Can't say much more than this without revealing too much of the story.

The Look

I keep talking about the colors in the artwork of Maybury, this new issue shows new color combinations I've not seen before in the first issue. Again brilliantly chosen by Maybury. As I understand from the Space Babe 113 website the inner pages of the former booklets was black/white. Now I've not seen the earlier versions but I can only imagine what an improvement it is to see the colorful artistic vision of Maybury. 

The Conclusion

What can I say that I haven't already said. If you're 18+, like the artwork and don't mind a little sexuality then you can't go wrong with this series. I'm looking forward to the third, and unfortunately last, installment of this sexy series. If you wait a little longer (till November 2014) you'll be able to get all three issues from the artist himself. That'll probably save you on shipping as well.

How to get a copy

If you shop at Orbital Comics then you're in luck because they stock Space Babe 113 and a copy of episode two should set you back no more then 2,50 GBP. If you can't find it or want to meet the artist then please visit the Space Babe 113 personal website, you'll be able to see where you can meet up and purchase the Space Babe 113 comics from Maybury directly. I heard trough the grapevine that episode three is at the printer (October 2014), so I'm sure it won't be long until it's out. Maybury only accepts Paypal for oversees customers.
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