Turtles in College by David Felizarda

Comic: Turtles in College
Release date: Not in booklet but I suspect somewhere in 2014
Writer and artist: David Felizarda
Cover: Green paper with black ink
Interior: black on white paper
Synopsis: Cute little fan-comic.

The Deal

I was at FACTS (not unlike Comic Con but on a much smaller scale) in Belgium on the prowl for comics and found a little booth with two men near artist alley. They had a couple of comics with them and although there were colorful alternatives I felt drawn to this booklet. I'm thinking it was the two pizza slices on the cover, when I found out it was about the Turtles I just had to buy it. 

The Feel

It looks like a home made A6 sized booklet with a green cover page and 12 pages total. The interior pages are made of standard copy machine paper. The booklet is held together with two saddle stitches. The folding was a bit off so the pages stick out at the bottom and at the top. Not to worry though, those are all ingredients to a lovingly made home publication. 

The Story

No story to speak of, just the exploits of the Turtles in college, each page has a single or double panel short. Not unlike those in newspapers. I love the TMNT and I was pleasantly surprised at the jokes. They're not the rolling on the floor kind, but they'll put a smile to your face. All your favorite  turtles are here, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo, because of the black/grey interior you can't always tell who's who, but that didn't make things overly complicated. I can only say I wish the booklet had more pages. The artist is from Belgium but his English doesn't suffer from it. I couldn't find any grammar mistakes. 

The Look

The artwork is simple and clean, no backgrounds at all. You get the Turtles themselves and some attributes that are needed for the story. A joke per page makes for a quick read. The Turtles lend themselves nicely for Felizardas cartoon style artwork and his pizza slices look good enough to eat.

The Conclusion

If you like the Turtles and are up for a bit of fun then this might just be the comic for you. Keep in mind that it's a fan-made, self-published, home-made booklet. It costs one euro and for that price I wasn't going to leave it on the table. 

How to get a copy?

I had a look at the Tumblr website of the artist but couldn't find any information about the booklet. But you're all in luck because the original full color pages can be read on line on Felizardas Tumblr page (just enter 'Turtles' in the search box and you'll get all the pages straight away). 
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