Space Babe 113 The Knights of Mars Episode Three: Sin by John Maybury

Comic: Space Babe 113 The Knights of Mars Episode Three: Sin
Release date: December 2014
Writer and artist: John Maybury 
Rating: 18+ (adult humor)
Cover: full-color 
Interior: full-color
Synopsis: Space Babe 113 wants to have fun on Mars with Doctor Stones but first she must save everyone from the consequences of a lack of trigonometric understanding in the action packed finale of The Knights Of Mars.

The Deal

I got talking to John Maybury after my reviews for episodes one and two and I knew part three was about to come out so I asked him if he'd mind sending it to me offering payment via Paypal as I really couldn't wait and my next London trip hasn't been planned. And he did, to my surprise it was for free in exchange for my honest review. And now I'm in awe again staring at the wonderful bold colors. 

The Feel

Exactly the same as the other two episodes, obviously again made by the same printer and again it feels great in my hand. Good size too. The mostly 5 or 6 panels per page make for perfect reading in this size. I'd struggle to think it would be better in a bigger size, I think not. For me this is perfect as it is. Combined with the colors used this whole series feels great. If I did anything with giving out stars I'd give the feel and the look a 6 out of 5. 

The Story

Well this is the action packed last episode of this series of Space Babe 113 that starts off from the cliffhanger from episode two. Someone made a wee bit of a mistake and now everyone is in danger, there's only 37 minutes to save the world and Space Babe is it. I don't want to give away too much of the ending. Let's just say that there was sexy fun and made me laugh several times. It also felt like a fitting end to this wonderful trilogy.

The Look

Once again I find myself struggling to put into words what I really like about the art. It flows into my brain. Space Babe's luscious curves wrap themselves around my senses and take me to a new color high and no, I've not been eating mysterious mushrooms. 

The Conclusion

If you're 18+ don't mind a bit of sexuality and you're intrigued by the art then this series is for you. It's a lighthearted and fun read with sexual tones, nudity and toys. Lots 'n' lots of toys. This is the last issue of the trilogy and I'm sad to see it go. I'm so glad I got the first two issues on a whim all those months ago and recommend this trilogy to anyone over the age of 18. 

How to get a copy

Well I got mine from sending an e-mail to John Maybury trough the Space Babe 113 Facebook page and I know for sure they stock them at Orbital Comics in London, England. If you don't have any of the issues yet I suggest getting the complete trilogy (they are 2,50GBP an episode). It will probably also save you on shipping. You can pay via Paypal and John will ship oversees if you pay the shipping cost. 

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