Submission guidelines

If you are the owner of a self published comic book (or if you own a small press comic publisher) and you'd like to have a comic reviewed please contact me. I will review the comic, usually within two weeks and will put the review up on this website, with a link to the website where the comic can be purchased and separate links to the artist(s) and writers if they have a separate site and if they want to be linked to.  

Please read the following guidelines before getting in contact with me about a review:
  • I will review any comic book except those that depict horrific sexual scenes like rape. (A love scene that fits the story is fine of course). Some of the genres I read most are listed below, but I basically read everything so if your comic doesn't fall into one or more of these categories please don't be afraid to contact me anyway.
    Alien, Anthologies, Autobiographic, Crime, Different (if your comic doesn't fall into any genre please contact me), Fantasy, Fun/comic, Gay/Transgender, Historic, Horror, Life and living, SF, Spoofs, Superhero, Thrillers
  • You can either send your comic book to me digitally or you can send me the physical copy. In the case of a physical copy I will also comment on the quality of the paper and printing. I am a graphic designer and do know a bit about differences between paper stock, the quality of the print and the inks used. 
  • When you contact me please let me know the following:
    - Your name and country of residence
    - The title and issue number of your comic
    - The language your comic is in. I review English, Dutch, German and wordless comics (if it's a wordless comic, but the cover title is in a different language than stated above please translate the title in English for me). My review will always be in English.
    - Do you need the review before a specific date? If you do please give me at least a week.
    - A small synopsis of the story
  • I'll contact you as soon as possible, that usually means within 48 hours
  • Please know that I will be honest, sometimes brutally so. As a rule of thumb I always like to give the following advice to anyone that does anything artistic: "If you're not happy with the result how can you expect anyone else to be?" I know it's hard. I've been dealt that blow myself a couple of times in my graphic design work and it's the hard and painful truth. 
    My own work. I followed an online tutorial to make this so I could learn how to work with Illustrator.
    As you can see I'm no Steve Ditko.
Q: What kind of file do you prefer?
A: I prefer paper, but that's just because I can't lick my eReader. Just kidding! A pdf is fine. Just know that I will not have the 'The Feel' section in the review when I get a digital file.  Also one or two internal shots of the artwork that I may publish with the cover picture. If you don't choose the ones I can pick from I'll pick some myself and will post them with the review. I will take special care not to take a picture that spoils the story. 
There is no cost involved at me doing a review.

Q: Do you do editorial reviews?
A: Yes! If you'd like to know if your comic is good enough to bring into the world. I will give you a detailed description of the art, script and lettering and I'll let you know what I think about it, but I won't publish it up on the website. This will be strictly between you and me. There will be a small fee for this service (although I may, on occasion, also offer it freely). Please contact me directly with how many pages you want me to review and especially what you'd like me to review: script, art, lettering or all of them. I'll get back as soon as I can, usually that's within 48 hrs. 

So if after all this information you're interested and the bunny art didn't scare you then please email me your details at:
jannekederonde  at  gmail dot com
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