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Turtles in College by David Felizarda

Comic: Turtles in College
Release date: Not in booklet but I suspect somewhere in 2014
Writer and artist: David Felizarda
Cover: Green paper with black ink
Interior: black on white paper
Synopsis: Cute little fan-comic.

Space Babe 113 The Knights of Mars Episode Two: Cos by John Maybury

Comic: Space Babe 113 The Knights of Mars Episode Two: Cos
Release date: September 2013
Writer and artist: John Maybury 
Rating: 18+ (adult humor)
Cover: full-color
Interior: full-color
Synopsis: Arriving at Syrtis Major, Space Babe is annoyed to discover that Thora Doris, Dr. Stones new Martian archaeology, assistant is even more curvy than she is...

Space babe 113 The Knights Of Mars Episode One: Tan by John Maybury

Comic: Space Babe 113 The Knights of Mars Episode One: Tan
Genre: 18+ (adult humor)
Release date: April 2013
Writer and artist: John Maybury
Cover: full-color
Interior: full-color
Synopsis: Space Babe is holidaying on Mars, preparing to join Doctor Stones for some archaeological action at Syrtis Major. But why is she obsessed with getting tanned and why is it harder than she expects?

1X: Short Stories by Charles Butler

Comic: 1X
Release date: September 2014
Writer and artist: Charles Butler
Publisher: a Planet Z Production
Cover: full-color
Interior: full-color
Synopsis: Four self-contained tales of the good, the strange and the mythical, collected in one genre-hopping comic book.

Sherlock Holmes - A Scandal in Bohemia by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Petr Kopl

Comic: Sherlock Holmes - A Scandal in Bohemia
Release date: (pre-release) September 2014 (English version)
Writer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, adapted by Petr Kopl
Artist: Petr Kopl
Cover: full-color
Interior: full-color
Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes meets his femme fatale in one of his most famous adventures. The beautiful Irene Adler, perhaps the only woman in the world who can get one over on the greatest detective in the world has ever seen, is once again on the side of crime... but maybe not everything is as it first appears. Petr Kopl masterfully weaves events that seem unrelated while simultaneously solving two cases - the deadly danger of the speckled band and a foolish mistake by the King of Bohemia. The story takes place at the turn of the 20th century, which Petr Kopl calls Victoria Regina, a time of revolutionary inventions, precipitous events, ruthless criminals and the invincible Sherlock Holmes.

Trollords, issue no.2 by Scott Beaderstadt and Paul Fricke

Comic: Trollords, issue no.2
Release date: May 1986
Writer: Scott Beaderstadt and Paul Fricke
Artist: Scott Beaderstadt and Paul Fricke
Publisher: Tru Studios
Cover: full color
Interior: pen drawings (black on white paper)
Synopsis: When their cave home is destroyed by flood waters, the trolls find themselves literally facing death!
Rejecting the 'Final Option', the trolls return to earth and life. Resolved to find meaning in their renewed existence, our heroes get their chance when they save the lovely and disturbed Kelly Nugrowski.
Draw away from her shortly thereafter, they find that it's not so easy to escape death... and now they are...

The Deal

It's very rare that I find an English comic when I go to car boot sale in my native country but last Sunday I did. Lucky me! Now I've known the guy that I bought it off from when I still owned an on-line store, but he didn't recognize me. Not a problem, but I got his whole b*s routine about how this comic is worth quite the figure. If he'd recognized me from before he wouldn't have bothered. I bought the comic for € 1,50.

The Feel

Everything about this comic screams mid 1980's printer. From the newsprint paper interior to the slightly heavier glossy coated full color cover. I love it, nothing but nostalgia here. 

The Story

It's a continuing story about the Trollords. Even though I don't have, and have never read, the first issue there's an explanation of the trolls first issue on the first page (see the synopsis at the top of this page) which really helps you to get into the story. Though I can only comment on this issue, I can see a really good story development here and I find myself looking out for more issues. There is mention of suicide in this issue, so I wouldn't give it to younger children even though they look like they might be for all ages, the story isn't. 
So much pulp was made in the 80's and 90's it's good to find a decent story, it even made me laugh on several pages.

The Look

The drawings were made with black pen and they've been finished to a high standard. The trolls anatomy seems correct and realistic. The layout of the panes on the pages, compliments the story line and is different on every page. 

The Conclusion

They're well drawn, have a plot and it keeps you on your toes and it's funny to read. What's not to like? If you don't mind going old-school then this is for you. Only problem is that one issue isn't going to get you very far in the story line. I'd suggest you try to get some more to really enjoy the Trollords.  

How to get a copy?

Well that might not be all that difficult. I found quite a few of them on eBay. You can get them anywhere from 1,00 GBP all the way to crazy. As far as I could find there are eighteen Trollords issues in existence, some were published by 'Tru Studios' and some by 'Apple Comics' both publishers started with issue #1 so take a close look before buying so you don't mix up your issues.  Even though the comics are from the 1980's the three Trollords are still alive and well and living on this facebookpage. There's even mention of digitizing the first eight issues. 

Nothing is Forgotten by Ryan Andrews

Comic: Nothing is Forgotten, A Collection of Short Stories
Release date: 2nd edition, July 2014
Writer: Ryan Andrews
Artist: Ryan Andrews
Cover: black/white
Interior: black/white with red/pink highlights
Synopsis: Nothing is forgotten. A collection of short stories, gathers four tales by Ryan Andrews.

In these pages, an elderly woman becomes the proud new mother of a large seed. Three brothers, afraid of revenge-seeking zombie geese, take it upon themselves to properly bury a fallen flock. Peculiar creatures reside deep beneath the trees of an old forest. And a dark, mysterious tunnel beckons you in for a closer look. 

Exocomics 300 by Li & Jordan

Comic: Exocomics 300
Release date: 2014
Writer: Li & Jordan
Artist: Li
Cover: full-color
Interior: 24 full color pages (16,5 cm x 23,5 cm) on silk stock paper, saddle stitched
Genre: Adventure comic
Synopsis:  300th extra long, full color episode of the web-comic 'Exocomics' Printed separately from their main line because this was drawn on A4 paper against all the other stories being on square paper. It made more sense to print this landmark issue separately. 

Killjoy, issue no.1 by Robert Brown

Comic: Killjoy, issue number one
Release date: 2011
Writer: Robert Brown
Artist: Robert Brown
Cover: full color
Interior: black on white paper
Synopsis: Killjoy is a vehicle for my ongoing cartoon memoir project, Catch a Fairy, a gradual accumulation of stories and vignettes from my childhood.

Owly: Volume Two, Just a Little Blue by Andy Runton

Comic: Owly: Volume Two, Just a little Blue
Release date: 2005 (original), I have the third reprint from 2009
Writer: Andy Runton
Artist: Andy Runton
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions
Cover: full color
Interior: black on white paper
Synopsis: Owly is a kind-hearted little owl who knows what it means to be human. 
The second graphic novel in the breakout, all-ages series follows Owly as he learns that sometimes you have to make sacrifices for things that are important, especially friendship.
Relying on a mixture of symbols and expressions, Andy Ruton's animated and heartwarming style makes Owly a perfect read for everyone.

Sunshine Bay, Not Half as Bad as People Say by Tom Plant

Comic: Sunshine Bay, Not Half as Bad as People Say!
Release date: March 2014
Writer: Tom Plant
Artist: Tom Plant
Cover: full color
Interior: full color
Category: all ages
Synopsis: Two stories based in the delightful seaside hellhole of Sunshine Bay.

2 Tin Bean Cans F*#king by Johnny J. Segura 3rd

Comic: 2 Tin Bean Cans F*#king - Part 1: The Magical Fruit
Release date: 2014
Writer: J.K. and Johnny J. Segura 3rd
Artist/lettering: Johnny J. Segura 3rd
Cover: full color
Rating: 18+
Interior: grey scaled with colored highlights
Synopsis: A tale of genetically altered bean cans seeking revenge against their creator. A tale filled with suspense, violence and tin titties.

Pantheon, The Heavenly Cow by Hamish Steele

Comic: Pantheon, The Heavenly Cow
Release date: April 2014
Writer: Hamish Steele
Artist: Hamish Steele
Cover: full color
Interior: black/white
Genre: Comedy/mythological retelling
Synopsis: The true stories of the Egyptian Gods. Serves as a prequel to the main Pantheon story coming out late 2014. This prequel tells the story of how night, death and the pharaohs came to the Egyptians.

The Rattler by Jason McNamara and Greg Hinkle

Comic: The Rattler
Release date: July 2014
Writer: Jason McNamara
Artist: Greg Hinkle
Cover: Greg Hinkle, two colors (black and red)
Interior: 96 pages, grey shading with red highlights
Synopsis: 10 years have passed since Stephen Thorn's fiancee vanished without a trace, and he has grown into a prominent, if bitter, victim's rights crusader. Despite the cold trail and lack of leads, he stubbornly refuses to give up the search. And then...

Dungeon Fun by Colin Bell and Neil Slorance

Comic: Dungeon Fun, Book One
Release date: 2013
Writer: Colin Bell
Artist/Letterer: Neil Slorance
Cover: full color
Interior: 32 full color pages on heavy stock paper, saddle stitched,
Genre: Adventure comic
Synopsis: This is a story of a girl and her sword...
Raised by trolls in the moat of a castle, Fun Mudlifter lives a life of boredom, until one day when adventure finds her and a sword plummets into her village. Setting off to confront the trolls responsible for the falling items that plague her and her neighbours, Fun begins an off-beat odyssey that encompasses jobsworth trolls, three-headed beasts, soothsaying shamans and headless barbarians, as she valiantly battles her way up trough the dungeons to her final goal. With hilarious results!

Local (Underground) Comics

I'm crazy about comics, always have been. Now I know a lot of people are buying from the big names in comic land like DC, Image and Marvel (I do too!), but I just can't get enough of small press comics (self published or small publishers). Or as I'd like to call them 'Local Comics'. Whenever I walk into a comic store, especially when I'm on vacation, and look at the small press section I get that tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach and it draws me right in. I can spend hours looking through all of them and I always go home with a full bag. I love walking into a store I've never been to before. I may need more vacation days to keep up this hobby.
So why this website? Well, sometimes the gems are hard to find. I find myself scouring the internet searching for self published comics and when I find one I always try to find a review or something, anything. I've been collecting for many years and have some nice reviews planned. 

Footnotes: English is not my first language so I might mess up a word every now and again, but I promise to do my best not to mess up... too often... 
If you are an artist/writer and have a 'Local Comic' then please get in touch with me. I'll be happy to write a review. 
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